Gifts for Creative Teen Boys

Gifts for Creative Teen Boy

Is your loved one a right-brained creative type with a need to express himself? Is he always thinking outside the box? Well, here's a list of the top 5 gifts for creative teen boys that will help him to continue breaking the mold.

1.Teen Ink Magazine

Teen Ink Magazin

Creative teens are usually fantastic writers, and Teen Ink Magazine proves it. If your loved one aspires to be a writer, this is the perfect place to start. From poetry to movie reviews, Teen Ink magazine publishes teenagers' work for free, so your loved one can see what it feels like to know that people other than his friends and family are enjoying what he writes.

For more information on Teen Ink Magazine, click here.

2.Acoustic Guitar Kit

Music is the ultimate form of creative expression, and your loved one was made for it. The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, and tons of other musical geniouses can only be called that because they all thought outside the box. They broke the mold, much like your loved one tends to do with everything he tries. Give him this guitar tutorial kit, and let's see what happens.

For more information on this Acoustic Guitar Kit, click here.

3.Keys to Drawing

A lot of people think that you have to be born a great drawer. They think that either you have it or you don't. That's not true at all. Drawing is actually a learned skill just like writing or coloring. Anyone can draw, with the right amount of determination. "Keys to Drawing" by Bert Dodson is a straight forward book that will give your loved one the techniques that'll have him drawing like a pro in no time. To really make this gift special, throw in this Pro Art Drawing Set, so he can have everything he needs to draw whenever he gets inspired.

For more information on Keys to Drawing, click here.

4.Acrylic Painting Kit

Who wouldn't want to be able to say they painted a masterpiece? "Famous Art Kits" allows anyone to paint famous works of art like Van Gogh's Starry Night with ease. Your loved one will have everything he needs to recreate the painting, including a brush, pre-mixed acrylic paints, and detailed step by step instructions.

For more information on this Acrylic Painting Kit, click here.

5.Canon SX40 Camera

Creative teens tend to see the world differently, and photography is a great way to show a new perspective. With the Canon SX40, your loved one can take high-quality pictures, and give everyone a glimpse of the world through his eyes.

For more information on the Canon SX40, click here.

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