Gifts for Hard to Buy for Men

Hard-to-Buy-for Gifts for Men

Some men don't know what they want, won't tell you what they want, have little to no hobbies or interests, or just seem to have everything already. There are tons of factors that can make it hard to choose a gift for a man, but all hope is not lost. Here's a list of the top 10 gifts for hard to buy for men.



Alot of of men wear watches. Odds are, so does he. And if not, he will if you buy him a nice one or give him a gift card to buy it himself.

2.4 Elements of the Perfect Shave Starter Kit

4 elements of the perfect shave starter kit

No matter how hard it is to figure your loved one out, there's one thing he has in common with every other man: He has to shave. Give him the gift of the best shave he's ever had with this 4 Elements to the Perfect Shave Starter Kit, and he'll never go back to his old shaving supplies. Gift Certificate

You might not know a whole lot about this guy. I don't know him at all, but i'll bet he wears shoes. Get him an gift certificate and let him pick out a nice pair for himself.

4.Vacation Package

vacation package

It doesn't matter who he is or what he does. No man is gonna turn down a nice trip. It's unheard of.

5.Tickets to Concert or Sporting Event

sports tickets

You're either a sports guy, a music guy, or both. There's no way this man wouldn't love to recieve tickets to see his favorite sports team or musical artist.

6. Netflix Gift Subscription

Netflix Gift Card

I'm willing to bet this guy watches t.v. and movies sometimes. If he doesn't have any hobbies or interests, what else really is there to do? Get him a subscription to Netflix, so he can watch his favorite shows and movies instantly.


Polo Black

Alot of men wear cologne on a daily basis. Even if he's not one of those guys, there are always those special occasions when you need to look and smell your best. A bottle of cologne will take care of the latter.

8.Digital Camera

Digital Camera

There are countless special moments in all our lives that we wish we could have frozen time for. Some important moments, we can't even remember. Give your loved one a digital camera so he can be sure to capture the moments to come.



I can't think of anyone that doesn't like one type of music or another. I, for one, couldn't live without it. Maybe your loved one is like me and needs something that can hold all his many favorite songs, or maybe he needs something small that can hold his motivation playlist to get him through a workout. Find the Ipod that fits his needs and your budget. He's sure to love it.

10.Amazon Gift Certificate

Amazon Gift Card

If all else fails, an Amazon gift certificate surely won't. They are the sure-fire no fail gifts for hard to buy for men. Amazon has just about everything you can think of for every type of person. This is a guarantee that your loved one will be pleased, because he's the one doing the choosing.

Give one of these great gifts for hard to buy for men to your loved one, and don't forget to come back and leave a comment below to tell us how much he loved it. ;-)

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