Gifts for Hard to Buy for Women

Gifts for Hard to Buy for Women

What do you get a woman that has everything? How do you find the perfect gift for someone who won't tell you what they want? You want to get them something they'll love, but let's face it...some women are just hard to buy for. Luckily, there are a some things you can give your loved one that she'll find it hard not to appreciate. Here's a list of the top 10 gifts for hard to buy for women.

1. iPod


Most everybody likes music, right? There are so many different genres out there, she's bound to be a fan of at least one of them. If not, some ipods can play movies, too, so you can't really fail with this one.

2. Spafinder Gift Certificate Gift Card

I don't know anyone who wouldn't appreciate a good massage. Odds are, neither do you.

3. Gift Card

Everyone loves free food!...especially if it's from their favorite restaurant. She can use her gift card at any of 18,000 participating restaurants.

4. Vacation


You know why they give away vacation packages on pretty much every game show? Because everyone wants a vacation, and most everyone needs one. If you can afford it, this one will blow her away.

5. Personalized Jewelry

Personalization Mall Women's Jewelry

Ever heard the saying, "Diamonds are a girl's best friend."? Well, it's true. Also, rubies, emeralds, sapphire, pearls... You get the idea. It's even better when it's personalized. :)

6. Perfume

Chanel #5

Perfume is a great gift idea, but not those generic fragrance value packs you see in every store around holiday time. You know, the ones that come with the perfume, body wash, and lotion, all somehow managing to smell like floral scented window cleaner? Yeah, don't buy that. Just get her a fragrancex gift certificate and let her pick her favorite fragrance.

7. Handbag handbag

All the women in my family have handbags galore. It seems like there's a handbag for every outfit combination, and they have some of the same exact handbags in different colors. It's puzzling to me, but you know what? No matter how many handbags they buy, they always seem to have room for one more. Ebags gift card. Done.

8. Shoes

What woman doesn't love shoes? And even if she doesn't have a healthy addiction for them, she can't walk around barefoot without people thinking she's crazy, so give her a gift certificate to and she can easily find a pair she loves.

9. All You Magazine

All You Magazine Cover

All you magazine has helpful tips on fashion, beauty, fitness, relationships, money management, recipes and more. It also comes with money-saving coupons in every issue. There's bound to be something she'll love about it.

10. Amazon Gift Card Gift Card

Amazon gift cards are the perfect gifts for hard to buy for women because she gets to buy for herself. Amazon has everything you can possibly think of, there's no way she won't find exactly what she wants. This option is so easy, it almost feels like cheating....almost.

Give one of these great gifts for hard to buy for women to your loved one today and don't forget to leave a comment below to tell us how much she loved it! :)

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